Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts
a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences
Syn: ↑BA, ↑Artium Baccalaurens, ↑AB
Hypernyms: ↑bachelor's degree, ↑baccalaureate

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Usage: usually capitalized B&A
1. : the recipient of a bachelor's degree which usually signifies that the recipient has passed a certain number of courses in the humanities — abbr. B.A., A.B.

became a Bachelor of Arts after only three years of university attendance

requires a year of Latin of the Bachelors of Arts

2. : the degree making one a Bachelor of Arts — abbr. B.A., A.B.

require a Bachelor of Arts of all highschool teachers

get an A.B. in classics

get a B.A. in history

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1. a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts, usually awarded for studies in the social sciences or humanities.
2. a person having this degree. Abbr.: A.B., B.A.

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Bachelor of Arts noun
1. A university or college degree conferred upon a student who has successfully completed an undergraduate course in the arts or humanities
2. A man or woman who has received such a degree (abbrev BA)
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Bachelor of Arts,
1. a degree given by a four-year college or by a university to a person who has completed a course of study meeting the requirements, generally with emphasis on the liberal arts. Abbr: A.B., B.A.
2. a person who has this degree.

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